In this article we are going to take a look at how varying levels of PG and VG in your e-Juice can make all the difference to your vaping enjoyment. PG and VG ratios are particularly essential as they play an important part in how your e-Juice tastes and how it vapes.
There comes a time in every clearomizer’s life, sometimes after finishing off one juice flavour and before starting the next, when it’s time for a good clean out. Failure to clean your clearomizer could mean over time your juice may start to taste a little off, or worse, your clearomizer may become permanently burnt.
This article by Stephanie Rafanelli, published in The Guardian, takes a look at, as the title so aptly implies, how e-cigarettes changed her life.
There are a lot of counterfeit AW batteries circulating the market at the moment. Fake batteries can be very dangerous, as they are often untested and their chemistry and performance is unknown.
There are two types of batteries: manual and automatic. Manual batteries require a button to be pressed, whereas automatic batteries operate without through a internal sensor. Most Mods require high drain rechargeable batteries to power them.
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